Bonsai Fertilizer Guide: The Best Fertilizers For Growing Your Bonsai Tree (2023)

Fertilizers provide the soil with essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium that are essential for all plants to survive and thrive. In general, trees in the forest can spread their root systems in the soil to find and absorb the right nutrients. But while bonsai trees need to grow and survive in the small pots, they can't spread their roots as far as they need to.

So, for the bonsai trees, fertilization is necessary for their regular nutrition. Regular fertilization is very important, especially during the growing season (from early spring to late summer) so that your bonsai trees grow faster, bigger and healthier.

But for beginners or new gardeners, regular fertilizing can often seem very complicated and even more confusing. Therefore, they often look for a proper bonsai fertilizer care guide and how to use it.

However, today we have put together a complete guide to fertilizing bonsai trees that contains all the necessary answers you need to know.

So let's pull into the entire article and read more about the topic and learn them.

Types of bonsai fertilizer

Many bonsai gardeners, especially beginners, get confused when it comes to buying and using bonsai fertilizer. The thing is, there are different types of plant fertilizer that we can find in our local stores and at the same time we can't decide which one is actually made for our bonsai trees.

But the thing is, bonsai fertilizers are nothing special. They are just regular plant fertilizers that we use for our other plants in the garden. You just have to choose the right one depending on the type of bonsai you have and make sure that the fertilizer consists of the right ratio of NPK (nitrogen, phosphate and potash).

There are two main types of fertilizers that you will find in the shops or nurseries. One is solid and the other is liquid. They come in their own way with different purposes. You only have to choose one of them depending on your bonsai and your own choice.

Solid bonsai fertilizer (granules and pellets)

Solid fertilizers usually consist of granules, spikes or powder. They are highly concentrated and released slowly. Once you put a solid fertilizer just below the surface of the soil, it will slowly provide a steady diet for a few months.

So you don't have to worry about fertilizing your bonsai every week or two or every month. In addition, regular watering is not required to activate the fertilizer.

Additionally, this slow-release method can be a great alternative if you are unable to fertilize your bonsai regularly. Because of this, this type of fertilizer is very popular for its ease of use.

Liquid bonsai fertilizer

If your bonsai tree needs to be fertilized regularly, about every two to three weeks, liquid fertilizers are your best bet. They are literally released quickly and are more profitable than solid fertilizers.

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Liquid fertilizers can often be sold as condensed fertilizers. In this case, before using it, you need to make a mixture of fertilizer and water to dilute it. Then apply the mixture to the moistened layer of soil on the bonsai tree tray. Liquid fertilizers transport the nutrients directly to the root system of the tree.

How to choose bonsai fertilizer?

Since fertilizers are the greatest source of the right nutrients for the bonsai trees, choosing a suitable bonsai fertilizer for your bonsai tree is recommended. When choosing a suitable fertilizer for bonsai plants, there are a few things to consider.

First, consider the age of your tree and the current season. Then find out the type of soil that will be used for the plant. Now choose the correct ratios of NPK (stands for Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium) for the fertilizer. For an outdoor bonsai tree, you can follow our instructions below:

  • When the tree is smaller and the season is spring, the ratio should be like NPK 10:6:6.
  • While the tree is thriving and the season is summer, the ratio should be the same as NPK 6:6:6.
  • On the other hand, the ratio must be 3:6:6 in autumn.

In some cases, however, these ratios may vary. When the tree is about to flower use a high phosphate fertilizer and as the tree gets older and more mature reduce the ratio of NPK and fertilize the tree after long breaks. But when it comes to using fertilizer for indoor bonsai trees, we recommend using a balanced liquid fertilizer.

There is one more thing to consider when choosing a bonsai fertilizer. If you are supposed to fertilize your bonsai regularly, then try a liquid bonsai fertilizer. Otherwise, it is recommended to use solid bonsai fertilizers, as they are released slowly and can provide the root system with the necessary nutrients for a long time.

Top 10 Best Bonsai Fertilizers For Your GrowBonsai Baum

When it comes to buying a bonsai fertilizer for the tree, it can seem very confusing to choose the best fertilizer depending on the tree recommendations. So here we have listed the top 10 bonsai fertilizers with their description, properties and benefits. I hope it will help you find the best for your bonsai plants.

1. Schultz Allpurpose 10 15 10 Plant Food Plus

This is basically a liquid bonsai fertilizer. It contains all the necessary nutrients to make your bonsai tree healthier and stronger. Not only that, Schultz 10-15-10 Plant Food is a formula that will be able to increase growth and provide all the essential nutrients for all indoor and outdoor plants.

That means this is a versatile formula. The formula is also very easy to apply. You only need to mix 7 drops of the fertilizer with water and the mixture should be given to the plant with each watering

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured by Schultz
  • 10-15-10-Formula
  • All suggest
  • Contains the famous 7-drop formula
  • Easy to use
  • Profitable
  • Suitable for all types of plants
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor bonsai tree species

2. Perfect Plants Bonsai Düngepellets 18-6-8

This formula is a slow release solid fertilizer best suited for outdoor bonsai trees. This nitrogen-rich formula works best on mature and immature bonsai trees. It helps the root system grow faster and makes the tree healthy and strong.

In addition, the fertilizer Perfect Plants Pellets is also very easy to use. All you need is just one ounce of pellets spread around the base of the tree and watering lightly to activate it. The fertilizer is also very economical for the beginner and most gardeners, as with just one application the tree can be supplied with all the important nutrients for a full 12 months.

Features and Benefits:

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  • Created by Perfect Plants
  • 18-6-8-Formula
  • Nitrogen-rich NPK
  • Easy to use
  • Economically
  • time released
  • One application is enough for a year

3. Perfect Plants 9-3-6 Liquid Bonsai Fertilizer

Perfect Plant liquid fertilizer for bonsai is one of the best liquid fertilizers. This formula is well known for its fast-release effects. The formula also contains an appropriate ratio of NPK, which activates the rapid growth of the tree and counteracts the lack of essential nutrients.

In addition, the fertilizer is very productive and easy to use. To apply the formula, mix 1 teaspoon of fertilizer per 4 liters of water and apply the formula at the time of watering the tree.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured by Perfect Plants
  • 9-3-6-Formula
  • Ideal for all types of indoor and outdoor bonsai trees
  • Very economical
  • Easy to use
  • Ideal for an instant nutrient boost

4. Dyna Gro | Bonsai-Pro liquid plant food | 7-9-5

This is another fast-release formula with an additional 16 essential minerals and micronutrients. This is also very special as the high phosphorus content makes the root system stronger and reduces the risk of root burns.

Because it is a liquid bonsai fertilizer, using the formula is not as difficult as other liquid formulas we have discussed. All you need is to mix a quarter teaspoon with 4 liters of water and apply the formula to the plant with each watering.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured by Dyna Gro
  • 7-9-5-Formula
  • Released quickly
  • Easy to use
  • Profitable
  • Contains essential minerals and micronutrients for plants.

5. BioGold Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets 5-6-3

This organic bonsai fertilizer is recommended for all types of bonsai plants as it is slow releasing and versatile. Not only that, this BioGold bonsai fertilizer promotes vigorous growth of the tree and makes the root system strong and healthy. It can also protect the tree from insects, birds and mold growth.

Bonsai Fertilizer Guide: The Best Fertilizers For Growing Your Bonsai Tree (1)

This formula may be the best choice for flowering trees that result in healthy foliage and buds. Additionally, this is definitely an economical formula. Because once you put the fertilizer on the soil surface, it releases essential nutrients very slowly and the results last for almost two months.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured by BioGold
  • 5-6-3-Formula
  • Released slowly
  • Organic
  • Rich phosphorus content
  • Fully economical
  • Easy to use

6. Bonsai fertilizer tons of micronutrients 18-4-10

This is another organic bonsai fertilizer that serves all the necessary purposes for bonsai. The higher nitrogen content promotes the rapid growth of smaller bonsai trees. The fertilizer is also worth the money it takes you to apply the formula just once a month.

The formula is also very easy to apply. All you need is simply sprinkle the required amount of fertilizer around the bottom of the pot and water thoroughly to activate it.

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Features and Benefits:

  • Launched by JK Global Imports
  • 18-4-10-Formula
  • Simple application, once a month
  • Worthy of indoor and outdoor plants
  • High nitrogen formula
  • Profitable
  • Doesn't burn roots

7. Bonsai Resource Center Liquid Fertilizer for Bonsai Trees 3-3-3

Made by the Bonsai Resource Center, this liquid bonsai fertilizer is a natural quick-release organic fertilizer for bonsai trees. The formula is usually most useful for flowering trees at the time of summer.

After applying the fertilizer, the formula can provide the soil with all the necessary nutrients and promote the growth of the tree. Never use the liquid directly. Mix a teaspoon of fertilizer with a cup of water and apply this liquid at the time of watering the plants.

Features and Benefits:

  • Started from Bonsai Resource Center
  • 3-3-3-Formula
  • Completely organic
  • quick release
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Easy to use

8. Bonsai Plant Food Organic Liquid Fertilizer

This organic liquid fertilizer contains all the necessary macro and micro nutrients. The formula is excellent for all types of bonsai (indoor and outdoor). The fertilizer comes with a quick-release formula that provides essential nutrients to the root system and also the branch system.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured by The Grow Co
  • Useful for indoor and outdoor bonsai trees
  • Fast release formula
  • Easy to use
  • Profitable
  • Price-performance ratio

9. Leaves and soul bonsai fertilizer pellets 18-6-8

This high nitrogen bonsai fertilizer comes with a wonderful slow release option. Once you introduce the pellets around the base of the tree, essential macro and micronutrients are at work for the next 6 months. In this case, the formula is completely economical and easy to use.

Features and Benefits:

  • Created by Leaves and Soul
  • NPK 18-6-8 formula
  • Contains essential micronutrients
  • Easy to use
  • Time-Release-Formel
  • Fully economical

10. Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer - Slow Release

Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer offers a variety of benefits including a balanced NPK 14-14-14 ratio. If you need to use a slow release formula, this formula may be a better choice for you.

It is usually able to provide essential minerals and micronutrients to any bonsai plant for 2 to 3 months. The most interesting thing about this formula is that the Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer comes with a 100% money back guarantee if the user is not satisfied with it.

Features and Benefits:

  • Manufactured by Superfly
  • 14-14-14-Formula
  • Slow release formula
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Use of bonsai fertilizers

Using bonsai fertilizer is not such a difficult task. To learn the thing in detail, read our step-by-step tutorial below and find out the necessary information you need to know:

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  1. First select a suitable bonsai fertilizer for your bonsai tree. To choose the best one you can follow the previous instructions that we added in this tutorial.
  2. After that, select the brand and buy the selected fertilizer from any local store or online seller.
  3. Make a proper schedule to fertilize your bonsai.
  4. According to the schedule, use the fertilizer you purchased earlier when it comes time to fertilize your tree.
  5. If you use solid bonsai fertilizer, follow these steps:
    • Cut open the packet, take out the fertilizer and place in a cup or basket so the fertilizer can't wash away while you're watering the tree and birds can't eat it.
    • Depending on the tree and pot size, fill the required number of baskets or cups with fertilizer.
    • Now turn the cups upside down and place them on the surface of the soil in the pot.
  1. If you choose liquid fertilizer to feed your tree instead of solid fertilizer, follow the guidelines below for best results.
    • Before you start feeding the tree, always read the manufacturer's instructions to know in what amounts to apply the bonsai fertilizer.
    • According to the manufacturer's instructions, make a mixture of fertilizer and water very well.
    • Use a spray bottle and fill the bottle with the mixture.
    • Spray the fertilizer when you water the tree.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to fertilize a bonsai tree?

When buying fertilizer I always asked the seller in the shop how I should fertilize my bonsai tree. This way is very helpful because only experts can give you the best suggestion. I have also read the instructions attached to the manufacturer's label. It lets us know how to use the fertilizer, how much of it to use at one time, and how many times we can use it.

2. What is the best fertilizer for bonsai trees?

In my opinion, the Schultz all-purpose fertilizer 10 15 10 Plant Food Plus is the best fertilizer for bonsai trees. The things that make it best are: it's versatile, nitrogen-rich NPK formula, contains all the essential micronutrients, is easy to use, and economical.

3. Do you need special fertilizer for bonsai?

Using a regular and versatile fertilizer that contains the right combination of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) is sufficient for any bonsai tree.

4. Do bonsai trees need special compost?

While bonsai trees need to be grown in a pot with limited amounts of soil, they also have a limited source of nutrients. Therefore, they need special compost that contains all the necessary nutrients and provides the right balance of drainage and water retention for healthy growth and a strong root system.

5. When should you fertilize a bonsai?

During the growing season (early spring through fall), bonsai trees need proper feeding. So it is better if we can fertilize a bonsai tree in the growing season. It also depends on the tree species, the stage of development and the health of the tree.

6. What kind of fertilizer is best for bonsai?

Using organic fertilizer is the best choice for bonsai. They are made from plant and animal materials and are completely free of harsh chemicals. Organic products also have a slow-release formula and can nourish a plant for a longer period of time.

7. What is NPK on fertilizer labels?

NPK on fertilizer labels typically represents the combination of three main macronutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K). For example: An NPK 18-6-8 formula contains 18% nitrogen, 6% phosphorus and 8% potassium.

8. Are there times when I should avoid fertilizing my bonsai?

Yes, of course. There are times when you shouldn't fertilize your bonsai plants. If you have dormant and diseased bonsai trees, you should not fertilize them. In addition, an older or mature bonsai tree does not need to be fertilized regularly.

9. Is there an advantage to using organic fertilizer?

The great advantage of using organic fertilizers is that they are free from harsh chemicals. This allows them to protect your trees from real damage while fertilizing them.

Final Thoughts

We know how important fertilizer is for the balanced growth and healthy development of a plant. Still, using extra fertilizer can pose a threat to the plant and cause real damage to it. Therefore, we must be conscious in choosing the best fertilizer for our plants and we should avoid overfeeding.

You can find different types of bonsai fertilizer on the market. But you should decide which ones to buy based on a few things like the type of tree you have, the age and stage of development of the tree, the quality of the soil, and the season your trees are going through.

However I would recommend you use any organic fertilizer which is also versatile and if you have younger bonsai trees in the growing season you should use the high nitrogen NPK formula.

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