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Pressure washers are among the leading cleaning tools in many countries! Not only for your car, but it also helps to remove dirt and stubborn stains, cleaning decks, paths, patios, patio furniture, decking, driveways, gardens and house siding and patio furniture, keeping the entire home sparkling clean.

However, realizing these benefits required extremely robust, large and cumbersome tools... Until we decided to solve this problem by launching our range of Giraffe Tools pressure washers.

There are many pressure washer brands out there, but Giraffe Tools is a brand you can rely on, at a great price! Our merchandise is practical, extremely versatile and comes pre-assembled from the facility. We strive to innovate washing machines that meet the needs of everyone, especially starters.

Take a look at the reasons why you need to buy one of our electric pressure washers:

Hassle-free installation

Installing a pressure washer from our brand is a breeze as it comes pre-assembled from the warehouse. Simply install the pressure washer on a brick/concrete wall. The brand offers a wide range of pressure washers with different psi ratings, with the wall mounted being the most popular.

The reel comes attached to the main body of the machine, saving you at least 30 minutes of assembly compared to other competitive products. Most importantly, it's an all-in-one unit with all the accessories, even a detergent cannon. You don't have to waste money to buy the other accessories or detergent tank.

All you have to do is install the main body onto the metope with the tool provided and you are good to go. In addition, the detailed user manual supports you during the entire installation process of the machine.

Promising durability

A pressure washer has to endure a lot, including splashing water, dust and dirt, and even resistance when you pull the hose off the reel.

Fortunately, our innovative products are designed to endure anything. The extremely durable body is made of aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy cavity construction that reduces overall weight and is self-reinforcing.

In addition, the G self-layering technique uses the leading ceramic technology with minimal care and maintenance for longer life.

Safety at its best

Giraffe Tools products are equipped with a TSS (Total Stop System), which acts in synergy with the pump and protects it from damage.

When the trigger is not pulled, the motor shuts off the pump to protect it from damage caused by the immense force built up inside.

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This saves a lot of energy, so your pressure washing (like fences and concrete washing) won't cost you an arm and a leg.

2 year guarantee

Typically, most peer brands offer a 1-year warranty on their products, and you will find that you have to pay more to purchase an extended warranty. But with our brand you get a 2-year warranty that covers all types of manufacturing defects. You don't have to spend money to fix it yourself or go to a store to fix it.

In addition, the vital service network in the United States makes it easier to receive complaints and obtain solutions quickly. Just login to our official website and you can get/access your 2 year warranty!

Large hose radius

The large radius for hoses makes our brand a better option for homeowners. Most Giraffe Tools cleaner models, including the Grandfalls, come with a 100ft hose so you can easily cover that last corner of your garden without the demands of hose extensions.

In addition, the self-layer system automatically winds up the hose. Try this quick design yourself and you might get a wonderful experience that you never dreamed of.

The efficient pumps we use save a lot of energy and keep electricity bills under control. The TSS system automatically shuts off the pump when you release the trigger.

Uninterrupted high pressure

Our brand pressure washer can generate up to 2200 PSI of power to dispense 1.3 GPM of water per minute. The pressure washer hoses make this model suitable for scrubbing automobiles, yards, run-down warehouses, clinging dust, stubborn stains, etc.

In addition, our development allows the device to draw less consumption while maintaining optimal performance. Thanks to the pure copper relief valve that dramatically improves intake.

In addition, the four-stage pump machine structure has a longer I-shaped straight cavity, so there is no obstacle to obstruct the flow.

Space-saving design

Because it is a wall mounted system, the workflow does not take up any floor space, leaving enough space to accommodate other garden tools and machinery in this area.

With its 2-in-1 design, the P106-G30 offers unmatched comfort and performance. The heavy-duty pump can provide 2200 lb/sq in of pressure to remove even the toughest dirt and stubborn stains in one stroke.


The ergonomic gun has a large trigger so you can complete cleaning jobs quickly and without tiring your hands. Finally, the Grandfalls model features a measured 100-foot pressure washer hose, enhancing its coverage and making it a great fit for homes of any size.

Flexible dismountable bracket design

Unlike the hand-held design, the P106-G30 can be wall-mounted with just a bracket and a few screws. This solves any stability issues when dealing with the heavy and bulky engine used to generate.

At the same time, it's also a time saver as there is no assembly before each use if the Grandfalls is wall mounted. This original design also helps save space by securely positioning the machine and serving as a storage surface. And you can change it to another location if you need.

Grandfall's pressure washer

The Grandfalls pressure washer is one of the most practical and dynamic allotment garden tools that fits into every household from small to large.

With its large reachable areas and auto-rotating seal, the washing machine eliminates the hassle and makes washing up your room or apartment an easy task.

Portable pressure washer

A handy high-pressure cleaner that can be set up and used anywhere. The multi-mode nozzle lets you switch between three spray nozzles for a powerful stream or all-over coverage

The compact design allows you to store it in your trunk and the portable option takes up minimal space as well. This version is compatible with a standard Giraffe Tools ergonomic handgun and runs easily from the vehicle's battery.

Electric pressure washer

A convincing pressure washer with three nozzles and a compact design enables easy pressure cleaning.

The large wheels make it convenient to take the device anywhere. Plus, you can customize the tool on the go with the larger built-in dial.

Giraffe Tools offers these pressure washers in multiple sizes with 2200 PSI and great GPM being the most popular at a good price.


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The Giraffe Tools pressure washer has everything you need to wash the vehicle, refresh that garden/patio job or any other washing job at an affordable price.

A wide variety of models are offered with varying pressure/psi, detergent tanks, portability, retractable pressure washer hoses, variety of nozzles and excellent customer service. Due diligence must be in order before you spend your hard-earned money on pressure washers.

So if you're looking for a machine that's easy to use, lasts longer and lets you remove dust and dirt quickly, look no further - we can't wait to help you find the best pressure washer to suit all your needs meets requirements and budget!

It comes down to these 4 steps:

Home or Pro Use? You either want to buy a home use machine for occasional use or you want to buy a professional use machine for everyday use. That decision quickly divides the group into different price ranges — under $1,000 and up.

How much cleaning power? You want either: light-duty pressure washers for patio furniture, grills, and other small jobs like wheelie bins; medium duty machine for patios, small driveways and decks; or heavy-duty pressure washers for big jobs like pressure washing semi-trucks with stubborn stains, large parking lots, and restaurant driveways.

gas or electric? Gas is cheap electricity. Electric is quieter, requires less maintenance and can be used indoors.

brand preference? Most pressure washers have universal motors. This is the point to start thinking about which brand you want to support. Perhaps you could search these brands, search their official website/online store/store and social media account and log in, learn more about their customer service services and contact them for more information.

Gas pressure washers are more powerful and have more cleaning power than most electric pressure washers, making them better suited for commercial and some heavy-duty jobs. And the advantage of the electric models is that the initial costs are lower and little additional maintenance is required for some cleaning tasks.

Advantages of gas pressure cleaners

More powerful than comparable electric models (compared to lower psi electric pressure washers)

Smaller models are completely mobile

Made from longer lasting, hard wearing parts

Disadvantages of gas-powered pressure washers

Louder than comparable electric pressure washers

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Cannot be used indoors or in enclosed spaces

Longer jobs require reserve fuel

Main advantage of the electrically operated pressure washer

Less maintenance than gas pressure washers

Never run out of fuel

Can be used indoors or in closed rooms

Disadvantages of electric pressure washers

Usually costs more than comparable gas-powered pressure washers

Tied to sockets

The general rule of cleaning is: cold water cleans, hot water cleans better. This rule applies to different psi pressure washers, but the job counts most. Unit cost is a factor. Note intended use!

Hot water pressure washers are great for cleaning grease, washing off oils, sanitizing and sanitizing surfaces, and de-icing facades.

Cold water pressure washer is ideal for stripping and removing paint, dirt and mold, as well as cleaning sidewalks and freshening up surfaces.

Once particles have settled, removing them with brute force can damage your car's finish, which is why a foam pre-wash is important as it ensures that such dirt loosens so it doesn't damage your car during the paint job of the wash. Simply connect the detergent tank and with appropriate pressure from our pressure washer, you can easily remove dirt and other things from your vehicles.

The pressure values ​​must correspond to the performance of your pressure washer.

Attachments and spray gun should be for use with hot water (if applicable). Smaller nozzle/pressure washer spray angles provide more power but can damage delicate surfaces when pressure washing.

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FYI, you can also use surface cleaners in conjunction with gas or electric pressure washers. Surface cleaners from lighter pressure washers typically operate in the range of around 2,000 PSI. They are able to pressure wash light stains, decks and other surfaces without damaging them.

And power washing has more potential hazards than using a garden hose. This applies to most power tools. People should only use this equipment if they have the proper expertise and protective equipment.

Please see our specific product links in our online store for more information, shop now!


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