The 6 Best Fertilizers for Bonsai Trees (Review) - The No. 1 Choice for Gardeners (2023)

Bonsai trees are aesthetically pleasing, but they require a lot of maintenance to stay healthy and well-nourished.

Except for the requirementLicht, water and the right temperature for healthy growth, they also need nutrients as their roots do not have enough soil to get oxygen and nutrients from the soil.

This is where bonsai fertilizers come into play.

Since every bonsai is unique in its own way, you need to identify the right bonsai fertilizer for your bonsai tree.

There aredifferent types of bonsai trees, and they fall into one of the following categories;coniferous bonsai trees, deciduous bonsai trees and tropical bonsai trees.

So before you decide on a bonsai fertilizer, you should find out the right fertilizer for your tree species.

Feeding your bonsai tree will ensure that it does not starve and will thrive at different times of the year.

No fuss! Here are the best fertilizers for bonsai trees:

Table with the best bonsai fertilizers:


NPK formula

Biogold Original – 5-Kilo-Sack F129


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Dyna-Gro BON-008 8 oz Bonsai-Pro Liquid Plant Food


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Perfect Plants Bonsai Düngepellets


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Eve's Garden Exclusive Bonsai Master fertilizer


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Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer


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Eve's Garden special mix of bonsai fertilizer


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Overall best

Biogold Original - 5 Kilo Bag - F129 Bonsai Fertilizer

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Bonsai Trees (Review) - The No. 1 Choice for Gardeners (1)

What we liked most about this product

Biogold Original 5 Kilo Bag Bonsai Fertilizer is one of the most popular pre-made organic fertilizers on the market.

It provides you with a perfect balance of nutrients for the healthy growth of your trees, shrubs and vegetables.

What stands out most about this bonsai fertilizer is theTime-Release-Formel. This feature allows you to provide your bonsai tree and plants with the right amount of nutrients over time.

So you will not apply less or more that will affect the smooth growth of your trees.

Product overview

Biogold Original is a Japanese brand. Plus it's perfect for bothIndoor and outdoor use.

And with thatpyramidenförmige Pelletsyour potted plants will get enough nutrients as they won't fall out or roll out of the pot when applied.

On top of that comes the Biogold Original F129 bonsai fertilizer in one5kg Sack. It will last for about a season depending on how many trees you feed the fertilizer.

Also this bonsaiFertilizer is fermented. This means you won't notice a bad smell after pouring water on the fertilizer.

Overall, you will be amazed at how this organic fertilizer results in healthier and greener bonsai plants.

Besides, it comes with the lawNPK formula of 5.6-6.5-3.5, so your plants get all the essential nutrients needed for healthier bulbs, buds and greener leaves.

However, it is quite expensive.


  • It has a time-release feature that provides the right amount of nutrients
  • Doesn't come with a foul smell as it is fermented
  • The triangular pellets do not roll away when applied
  • It has a balanced NPK formula of 5.5-6.5-3.5 for proper growth
  • It reduces the use of pesticides
  • It has balanced nutrients for healthier growth


(Video) Watering & Feeding Bonsai Trees

  • The fertilizer is expensive

Check the price on Amazon

Dyna-gro Bon-008 8 Oz Bonsai-pro Liquid Plant Food

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Bonsai Trees (Review) - The No. 1 Choice for Gardeners (2)

What we liked most about this product

Dyna-Gro Bon-088 8 oz Bonsai-Pro liquid plant fertilizer is one of the best fertilizers for growing bonsai.

Unlike the Biogold Original fertilizer, which comes in the form of pellets, this fertilizer comes into playliquid form. This means you don't leave it there to dissolve on its own as it will be mixed with water and applied immediately.

The most outstanding feature of the liquid fertilizer Dyna-Gro Bon-008 Bonsai-Pro is the16 essential mineralsthat it comes to that.

The fertilizer includes allmacronutrients and micronutrientsneeded for the healthy and nourished growth of the bonsai. So that your plants lack nothing for smooth growth.

Product overview

Whether you want a fertilizer for feeding yourBonsai plants for indoor or outdoor use, this fertilizer will meet your needs.

Also, it can be used in different growth stages and seasons. The best part is that a small portion of the liquid fertilizer is enough to feed your plants for long-lasting growth.

To apply to houseplants, mix in between¼ and ½ teaspoons per gallon of waterAndWater your bonsai tree.

For outdoor plants, take ½ teaspoon per gallon of water and apply to the plant. Monthly you should mix 1 teaspoon per gallon of water and apply to the tree.

Properly fertilizing your bonsai plants will ensure that they do not burn but continue to grow healthily and as needed.

The application of this fertilizer is simple and reliable. Also, since the pellets are in liquid form, you don't have to worry about the pellets not dissolving.

If you apply the right concentration to your plants, they will complete all of their life cycles without giving you any trouble.

Despite the high price, this is a wonderful bonsai fertilizer for your bonsai plants.


  • Easy to use liquid concentrate
  • Contains all 16 essential minerals needed for healthy growth
  • It has a long shelf life
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor plants
  • It is urea free


  • It's a bit expensive

Check the price on Amazon

Perfect Plants Bonsai Düngepellets

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Bonsai Trees (Review) - The No. 1 Choice for Gardeners (3)

What we liked most about this product

Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets are another high-quality fertilizer for bonsai growers. This multipurpose nutrient promotes root renewal in your bonsai tree.

Because bonsai trees grow in tight spaces like pots, they have limited access to nutrients.

To enrich your trees and ensure they get all the nutrients they need, a fertilizer like Perfect Plants Bonsai Fertilizer Pellets will help them grow steadily.

What we liked most about Perfect Plants bonsai fertilizer is that all you have to do isapply it once a year.

As a result, the slow-release pellets ensure your soil has the nutrients it needs to encourage new root growth and also strengthen them.

(Video) How to Fertilize a Bonsai Tree - One Easy Method

Product overview

In addition, the fertilizer comes in a3 x 5 inch, lightweight and resealable pouchwith a5 year supply.

This means that if you purchase this bonsai fertilizer pack, you will not buy another bonsai fertilizer for the next 5 years.

This is good news for growers, as they can focus on other things after applying the fertilizer.

Apply theSlow release pelletsis simple and contains essential nutrients and vitamins to help your bonsai trees grow efficiently and effectively.

In addition, this fertilizer can be used for various bonsai trees and other indoor plants.

In general, this is a perfect bonsai fertilizer to feed your plants while fertilizingrinse season,spring to late summer.

Fertilize your plants and watch them thrive over the next 12 months before fertilizing again.


  • It ensures healthy and steady growth of all bonsai
  • It contains all the essential nutrients as it has an NPK value of 18-6-8
  • It's easy to use
  • It can also be used to fertilize other indoor plants
  • Suitable for different growing seasons
  • It offers constant growth over time
  • Easy to use by following the instructions
  • Durable resealable pouch


  • none

Check the price on Amazon

Eve's Garden Exclusive Bonsai Master fertilizer

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Bonsai Trees (Review) - The No. 1 Choice for Gardeners (4)

What we liked most about this product

Eve's Garden Exclusive Bonsai Master fertilizer is another excellent bonsai fertilizer used to keep your bonsai tree and plants healthy.

The fertilizer is in liquid form and contains all the necessary nutrients for the proper and healthy growth of your bonsai trees.

The feature we love most about Eve's Garden Exclusive Bonsai Master fertilizer is that it is100% urea free.

This is good news as you can use it on your bonsai plants and other indoor plants without any side effects. Besides, you can also use it forhydroponic plants.

Product overview

Unlike pellets, applyliquid fertilizeris easy and quick as you don't have to worry about it dissolving or losing the pellets.

The liquid is applied by mixinga teaspoon of Bonsai Master Fertilizerwith a gallon of water.

Then you can apply it directly to your bonsai tree or plants. We recommend using this fertilizer once a month by pouring the mixture through the foliage onto the soil.

Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle to mist the leaves and saturate the soil.

In addition, Eve's Garden Exclusive Bonsai Master fertilizer is safe to use and very effective in performance.

It also has oneNPK formula of 7-8-6, meaning it is well balanced for the healthy growth of your bonsai trees.

However, you should take good care of yours8 ounce bottleas several users have complained that the lid does not seal and can leak if stored poorly.

Overall, this is an excellent fertilizer for people who need to take care of bonsai plants and houseplants. They will never become deficient in nutrients or dry out as they stay nourished.


(Video) Bonsaify | How to Safely Use Mineral Fertilizers with Bonsai Trees

  • Contains essential nutrients needed for bonsai tree growth
  • It is 100% urea free
  • Safe and ideal for growing bonsai trees
  • Suitable for indoor plants
  • Easy to use with instructions
  • It dissolves easily as it is in liquid form


  • The lid is not tight enough and may leak if not stored well

Check the price on Amazon

Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Bonsai Trees (Review) - The No. 1 Choice for Gardeners (5)

What we liked most about this product

If you are on a tight budget but still want a quality bonsai fertilizer for your bonsai trees, then this is a great option.

With the bonsai fertilizer Superfly, your plants will stay healthy and cared for for a long time. Even the resealable onespacksmeans you store your fertilizer safely after use.

A fascinating feature of this bonsai tree fertilizer is itsSlow release formula.

Because of its nature, it releases nutrients immediately and then sustains nutritional intake for about a month or two.

Therefore, you don't need to constantly feed your bonsai trees as it feeds them every time you water them.

Product overview

The Superfly Bonsai Fertilizer is also easy to apply as it comes with the kitclear instructionsAnda shovelto help you feed the right amount of fertilizer.

This Superfly Bonsai fertilizer pack promotes fast and healthy growth of leaves, branches and stems.

But there is also another package for preparing bonsai for winter growing and another bonsai designed for maintenance. The NPK formulas are different for each Superfly pack.

This pack has oneNPK formula of 12-4-5.

You will also love this fertilizer pack if you are a grower who takes care of both indoor and outdoor plants. It is cheaper than liquid bonsai fertilizer but also very effective.

All in all, this bonsai fertilizer is reliable, efficient and easy to use.


  • Easy to use with clear instructions
  • Long-term fertilizer promotes your bonsai tree for a long time
  • Easy to use with the measuring spoon provided
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • It comes with an NPK value of 12-4-5
  • It is cheaper compared to liquid fertilizer
  • The manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee


  • You may hear a faint odor before you water the fertilizer, but that's nothing to worry about

Check the price on Amazon

Eve's Garden special mix of bonsai granular fertilizer

The 6 Best Fertilizers for Bonsai Trees (Review) - The No. 1 Choice for Gardeners (6)

What we liked most about this product

Last but not least we have Eve's Garden's special blend of bonsai granular fertilizer. This fertilizer comes ingranular shape,and it is also very effective in performance.

So if you have bonsai trees that need feeding then you can't go wrong with this bonsai fertilizer.

The special thing about this bonsai fertilizer is itsUnique blend. The fertilizer comes with oneNPK formula of 16-9-12.

With this combination, expect your plants to grow healthy and strong. They will also thrive throughout the growing season.

Product overview

Keeping your bonsai tree alive and thriving is not easy.

(Video) Grow It Bonsai Kit (0-6 months). Part 1

But with the right environment and fertilizer, like Eve's Garden Special Blend of Bonsai Granular Fertilizer, there's no need to worry.

In addition, this fertilizer is characterized by aSlow release formulaThis will keep for at least 5 months before you fertilize your plants again.

It is safe for all bonsai plants and houseplants. So you can use it to feed your shrubs, vegetables and other indoor plants.

The fertilizer is easy to apply as specified by the manufacturerclear instructionswhat to do. The user is recommended to sprinkle the granular fertilizer on the ground.

So the fertilizer will nourish your plant every time it waters the bonsai tree. Note that you should applytwo heaps of tablespoons per 10-inch pot size.

Aside from being a bit expensive, Eve's Garden Special Blend of Bonsai Granular Fertilizer is an ideal fertilizer for growing different types of bonsai trees.

Keep your tree and plants nourished by applying this fertilizer every 5 to 8 months.


  • Slow release granular bonsai fertilizer
  • It's durable
  • Easy to use with clear instructions
  • It comes in a resealable package for proper storage
  • Suitable for all indoor plants
  • It has an NPK formula of 16-9-12
  • Keeps bonsai trees healthy and strong


  • It's a bit expensive

Check the price on Amazon

Frequently asked questions about fertilizers for bonsai trees

Why is it important to fertilize bonsai trees?

Unlike regular trees, bonsai trees require nutrients during their growing season. This is because they don't have enough space or soil to get nutrients and oxygen from the soil.

Therefore, they must be supplemented with nutrient fertilizers to compensate for the lack of soil.

This is why fertilizer is essential for bonsai trees. The fertilizer provides vitamins and minerals needed to convert carbon dioxide and water into food through photosynthesis.

Fertilizers are usually made up of three vital elements, which include nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K).

When should I apply bonsai fertilizer?

Bonsai trees need regular feeding as they grow in a limited amount of soil.

So to keep the trees well nourished and in good condition, you need to feed them more regularly. Throughout the growing season, you should feed the bonsai fertilizer to your bonsai trees.

And if your bonsai's growth slows down, you'll also need to reduce weekly to monthly feedings. This is common in late summer and early fall.

Note, however, that some trees, such as B. tropical trees, must be fed all year round.

What is the right amount of fertilizer for my bonsai tree?

The amount of fertilizer you feed your bonsai tree depends on several factors. These include the type of bonsai tree, the type of soil, the depth of the pot and the time of year.

Also, you should pay attention to the growth stages of the bonsai, as it may need different amounts of elements at different times.

Nitrogen is essential for proper stem growth, phosphorus is great for strengthening roots, while potassium is essential for flower production and overall plant growth.

bottom line

Whether you are growing your bonsai trees, shrubs, vegetables or other plants, you need the best bonsai fertilizer to nourish them.

That's why we've selected the best bonsai fertilizers that will keep your bonsai trees healthy and well cared for. We have both pellet and liquid bonsai fertilizers for you to choose from.

The bonsai tree fertilizers we selected in this review are among the best.

They are also easy to use and contain the essential nutrients needed for good growth. They contain nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements.


I hope you have found a bonsai fertilizer that is ideal for your type of bonsai!

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